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About FOXT

Fox Trading Token (FOXT) is a UTILITY token based on Ethereum Blockchain using standard ERC-20 contract. The token will give investors direct access to Fox Trading services and will be necessary to access the services and purchase products on the platform (indicators, robots, guides…).

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Contract address: 0xfbe878ced08132bd8396988671b450793c44bc12
Symbol: FOXT
Decimals: 18

Total supply is 9,250,000 FOXT
  • 67% for investors (~6,100,000 FOXT)
  • 20% for company reserve (2,000,000 FOXT)
  • 8% for rewarding advisors (~700,000 FOXT)
  • 5% for Bounty program (~400,000 FOXT)

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