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Exclusive Trading Service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies

Exclusive Trading Service

Welcome to Smart Trading

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Exclusive and easy to use trading signals based on our revolutionary algorithm
Guaranteed profits from Trading Pool based on initial investment without adding extra funds
Access to Autotrader service 100% hands-free to copy our investments and get your own profit!


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604 572,51 / 4 500 000,00 FOXT

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A service already working in the Forex industry with a big Community

Evolving to cryptoworld. After years working on our first project, Fox Binary Signals, we finally decided to expand our service to offer Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading. From the beginning our goal was to end up offering a complete service for Forex, since in this market we don't have the limitations on investments and disadvantages that Binary Options have. Also, many of our current users are requesting us to change to trading Cryptocurrencies following the recent trend. Now is the moment to take this ambitious step forward. Welcome to Smart Trading, welcome to Fox Trading ICO!

Fox Trading Platform. Through a desktop Dashboard and iOS/Android app, ICO investors will get lifetime access to the exclusive and easy to use Fox Trading service, where they will receive signals for trading and also access to the benefits of the Trading Pool. We also offer an Autotrading service to Premium investors where they will be able to copy the system signals automatically with their broker receiving 100% of the benefits.

The services described above are going to be paid services, and new users who did not partake in the ICO will only be able to gain access using FOXT tokens


Registered Users


Accumulated Gain



The service is only given to a limited number of users to avoid losing performance, one of the keys to our success

Experienced team

More than 2 years with a working algorithm and providing services to more than 1500 users


A real successful service with accumulated gain over 350% during 2016 and 2017

Smart Trading

100% hand-free Autotrading system that eliminates the psychological effect to your trades and create time for your hobbies instead of following signals all day

Multiplatform Service

The web dashboard and iOS/Android app give users instant access to trading signals and Trading Pool performance

Security and low fees

Using Blockchain technology the security and low fees are guaranteed


Fox Trading Token

SOFTCAP: $500,000
HARDCAP: $20,000,000

Introducing FOXT

Fox Trading Token (FOXT) is an UTILITY token based on Ethereum Blockchain using standard ERC-20 contracts with a final price of $0.68.

The token will give investors direct access to future Fox Trading services, and will be necessary to purchase products on the platform (indicators, robots, guides…). In addition to ICO investors can recover initial investment from the Trading Pool profits.

Unsold tokens during the ICO will be burned, and going forward, Fox Trading will use this function to burn tokens periodically, creating a deflationary currency and ensuring value increase for our investors. Additionally, the percentage burned of the token sale will also be matched with other allocations (exception of the Company Reserve, used to provide liquidity and guarantee access to future users, and Trading Pool, in benefit of the contributors) to balance its distribution.

FOXT tokens will be non transferable until the end of the ICO.

Token Distribution

The total Fox Trading tokens supply is 50,000,000.

  • 70% of the tokens allocated to the investors (35,000,000 FOXT)
  • 15% for developers and company reserve (7,500,000 FOXT)
  • 10% for rewarding advisors (5,000,000 FOXT)
  • 5% is used on Bounty program and marketing (2,500,000 FOXT)

Fox Trading ICO Stages

Token Sale Stages

Early investors are rewarded, but the bonuses are low and only limited tokens available to avoid low average price. Tokens allocated during the ICO phases will be sold as follows:

PRESALE - 7th February 2018
In this phase 4,500,000 Tokens are available at 50% Bonus totalling $1.5M. The initial period for the Presale is 4 weeks, the Main sale will start at the end of this period or immediately if all tokens from this phase are sold.

MAIN SALE - 10th March 2018 or at the end of PRESALE
Consists of three stages each offering 7,000,000 tokens with a decreasing bonus and lasting a maximum of one week. 9,500,000 tokens are available in the final stage with no bonus applicable.

Crowdsale Distribution

A substantial portion of the funds, 40%, will be dedicated to servicing on the development team and the creation of platforms. 15% will be spent on marketing aimed at attracting new users to the platform, creating a community interested in the token and the service. Another 15% will be invested in the Trading Pool to provide profits to the ICO investors. 25% is for capex and advisors, and the remaining 5% for legal and compliance fees.


Exclusive and lifetime access

ICO investors will have permanent and FREE access to the Fox Trading platform as long as they hold the tokens, receiving trading signals, Trading Pool profits equalt to their investments and the autotrading.

The service will have a limited number of users to maximise robot performance and profits, dependent on the number of tokens sold during the ICO. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Increased Token Demand

Based on our experience with Fox Binary Signals, we have determined that interest in our trading algorithm increases every month linked to it’s profitability. Additionally, new users will need to purchase tokens to gain access to services and current users will need to hold it to keep the lifetime access. All these points combined create an unstoppable demand and drive up the price of the FOXT token.

Deflationary token

After every payment of FOXT tokens made on the Fox Trading platform by new users, a small amount of those tokens will be burned, making the Fox Trading Token a deflationary currency.

This mechanism ensures the growth of Fox Trading token value which will incentivize long-term holding of the currency by investors.


The roadmap is divided into several stages, showing the route the company has taken so far and expects to have in the coming months following the ICO. There is a PRE ICO PHASE where the initial trajectory of the team is shown to provide investors a more global vision of our success; an ICO AND POST ICO PHASE detailing the future stages that will be developed once it ends, leading the company to our FINAL PHASE. Then the last version will be released, one of the most complete and smart trading platforms for Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

Project Founded

Fox Binary Signals was a project created by traders for traders. We wanted to contribute our experience on trading in Binary Options Signals services and provide a quality product at an affordable price to help as many traders as possible.

January 2014

Launched Trading Binary Signals Service

After months of hard work developing a real profitable and stable trading method, we finally decided to start with the trading signals. We created a web platform and an iOS/Android app that allows users to receive notifications wherever they are.

February 2015

Launched Autotrading Platforms

Once we established the initial service of trading signals and our community started to grow, we decided to add this functionality due to the need of the users who do not really have the time to trade all the signals that we send. Also, with this system they copy and make profit 24 hours a day while you're sleeping or enjoying free time.

October 2016

Starting trading on Cryptocurrencies

We had planned to upgrade the service to Forex Trading and were working on the project, but due to the Cryptocurrency boom we also empathize with trading these assets, with which we can generate increased daily % due to the high volatility. Then we started working to adapt the current algorithm/method to the Forex and Cryptocurrencies markets.

We wanted to limit this service to a controlled number of users, so, in turn, we decide to take advantage of the Blockchain revolution to create our own ICO.

September 2017

ICO Presale

As detailed in the Whitepaper, this stage of the ICO will be open for the sale of part of the tokens, offering an amazing bonus to reward early investors. A total of 2.5M FOXT tokens will be available, signifying around $1.5M, ensuring the development of the project at this early phase, as the soft cap is reached at only $500,000.

7th February 2018

ICO Main Sale

Here the rest of the ICO tokens will be available, also offering a varied % bonus to reward our investors. Anyone who wants to secure a slot in this service should acquire tokens before completion of this stage.

March-April 2018

FOXT Token listed on Exchanges

One of the priorities of the team is to list FOXT on multiple exchanges. Our social media will be updated as and when we have new agreements with any exchanges. We are not expecting any issues regarding listing as we have ERC20 structure common to most exchanges.

May-June 2018

Final development of trading algorithm

As we have already mentioned, we have been testing our algorithm for months (mainly in Forex currencies), but we will continue for much of 2018 in the definitive and improved development of this algorithm so that it adapts perfectly to the needs of our investors to take full advantage of cryptocurrency trading. Once this is completed, the Trading Pool will begin to produce benefits for the ICO investors.

We will begin to make contact with the APIs of several exchanges to perform algorithm tests directly on their platform.

Q2-Q3 2018

Desktop platform and app release (BETA)

In this phase, a first version of the platform will be released, with which you can access signals generated by the algorithm. It will be a BETA phase in which users can report problems or provide improvements to the platform.

Q3 2018

Launch Autotrading Service (BETA)

Once the web platform and applications are working correctly, the next step, following the corrected steps made in our previous service, will be to offer the Autotrading service for our Premium users.

This service will be developed with the maximum possible compatibilities, depending on availability and compatibilities with our trading method, using the APIs offered by the main cryptocurrency exchanges

Q1 2019

Final Platform release

Once several tests have been carried out, possible errors have been fixed and the improvements proposed by the contributors implemented, the final platform will be released.

It will be from this point, where users interested in accessing the service can do so, only and explicitly, by purchasing FOXT tokens. Thus ensuring the increase in demand and FOXT token price with which the initial contributors will have a valuable asset and see their investment grow.

Q1-Q2 2019


At Fox Trading, we are a team of freelancers with varying areas of expertise; a young, enterprising team that has been able to take advantage of our previous project Fox Binary Signals, to go ahead with this next step. This new project is developed from a successful online service, with achievable roadmap milestones, and moving towards the release of another successful project.

Fox Trading CEO

Sergi Fernandez

CEO and Founder

Sergi was trading for years in Forex markets and finally started developing the core of the Fox Trading algorithm using his experience on programming embedded software. Right now, as the CEO of Fox Binary Signals, he has created the project and can drive it to success managing the teams in product development, marketing and finance. He is open minded, a perfectionist and business oriented.

Fox Trading Team

Marc Garcia

Developer Manager

Marc is an Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineer with experience in website development. He believes in Bitcoin ever since it was created. He is an expert on Blockchain, specifically ECR20 tokens, and is now in charge of Blockchain and security implementation of the project. He also works on front-end development.

Fox Trading Team

Jaume Pina

Forex and Stocks Trading Expert

Jaume has managed funds for 3 years, during which time he worked with experienced traders. After developing and fine tuning his method, he decided to work on his own. He is in charge of the trading algorithm implementation, analysis of results, and improvements. He and his team always take the final decisions on executing the trading orders and sending signals to customers.

Fox Trading Team

Gerard Sole

Applications Developer

Gerard has worked in the automation sector producing applications. Now he is in charge of the Autotrading robot implementation, stability and improvements. He also developed the service structure and functionality currently used to send and copy signals on Fox Binary Signals.

Fox Trading Team

Lorena Nieto


Lorena works in marketing projects. She is passionate about design and an expert in online marketing, giving the project the visibility it needs. She designed all the corporate details and is now in charge of the social media and marketing campaigns.

Meet our Advisors

Fox Trading Team

Graham Doggart

ICO and Fintech Advisor

Graham advises numerous blockchain related projects regarding optimising their structures, packaging and routes to market.

Fox Trading Team

Sadie Hutton

ICO Advisor and Growth Strategist

Sadie heads up Dynamic Abundance, a blockchain and fintech advisory helping clients with ICO visibility and PR.

Fox Trading Team

Ricard Valles

Investment Fund

Richard has been working in financial markets with investment funds for 5 years, advising his customers about different investment possibilities. He has collaborated throughout the development and improvement phase of the trading algorithm.

Fox Trading Team

Francesc Puig

Investment Fund

Francesc has also been working in financial markets, and has advised his clients on different investment funds for 5 years. He has played an active role in decisions made in the project about the most profitable assets to trade.

Fox Trading Team

Oriol Valles

Crypto Expert

Oriol’s background is trading and cryptocurrencies. He has been trading commodities, currencies and indexes for 5 years, and has now moved into the world of trading cryptocurrencies. He has been ICO advisor for the past year.

Fox Trading Team

Taiga Harigai

Global Product Manager

Taiga is a blockchain enthusiast since 2014. He analyses ICOs for investment, and has participated in 3 ICOs as a contributor with great success. Fluent in spoken Korean, Japanese and English, he is a key influencer for the Asian market.

Fox Trading Team

Pol Garcia

Process Improvement

Pol has worked for 3 years auditing and improving product lines to make them more efficient. He is in charge of process and product optimization.

Fox Trading Team

Joan Company

Database Analyst

Joan has been providing analytical and technical insights to people willing to invest in ICOs. He is contributing, with his knowledge in database analysis, to the study and improvement of the trade history generated by our algorithm.

Fox Trading Team

Albert Pineda

Media Analyst

Albert worked as an economist in the banking industry, analysing media effects to prices. He is in charge of improving robot profits.


Join our bounty program today and earn an amazing 20% of all tokens purchased by your referred friends or family to Fox Trading ICO!

Also, earn tokens following us on social media, sharing posts, writing articles or helping us on translation campaigns.


Fox Signals is a completely functional service that has developed into a successful project over 2 years. You can see more details on our performance on the Fox Signals website and on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

The main reason is because Binary Options are disappearing due to unfair brokers, but we are also motivated because many of our current users are requesting change to Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. We were finally convinced by the increased options that blockchain technology and low transaction costs provide.

Trading with an Autotrading platform provides increases profits compared to self trading, a stable trading system without monitoring, and reduces the psychological effect.

The Fox Trading algorithm has been created by programmers and trades, based on 2 years of results in the Forex industry, renewed and adapted to Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. We now have a BETA version of the robot based on MetaTrader 4 and programmed in MQL4.

Contributors to Fox Trading can expect growth in three main areas; a deflationary currency, initial investors interested in holding the tokens to receive money-back from the Trading Pool, and an increased demand in new investors obligated to purchase tokens to participate on the Fox Trading platform.

Immediately following the completion of the project, all contributors will receive exclusive trading signals, monthly money-back from the profits of the Trading Pool with no further investment required, and last but not least, the option to use our Autotrading services to copy Fox Trading investments using their own accounts and receive 100% of the benefits.

You can purchase tokens on the dashboard after registration and accessing your personal account. You will first need to provide us with your Ethereum wallet from which you will send ETH (this wallet must not be an exchange account, as you will lose your FOXT tokens). It will be used to verify your transactions and activate your Fox Trading account once the ICO finishes. Once you send Ethereum to our Crowdsale Contract address, you will automatically receive Fox Trading tokens (FOXT) in your wallet.

You will receive your Fox Trading tokens automatically in your wallet after you send ETH to the Crowdsale Contract address. However the FOXT tokens will not be transferable until the ICO ends.

One of the priorities of the team is to list FOXT on multiple exchanges. Our social media will be updated as and when we have new agreements with any exchanges. We are not expecting any issues regarding listing as we have ERC20 structure common to most exchanges.